Bigger Water Decoys

"Go Big, Get Seen"

Why Choose Bigger Water Decoys?

When you need a decoy that can withstand the everyday stress of hunting, our decoys are up to the challenge! For those individuals who see duck hunting as a way of life, not just a hobby, you know that the everyday tortures of duck hunting can be rough on your equipment. You have enough to worry with your other gear so let us take care of the decoys. We guarantee if you chose our decoys you will have a rig that is sure to preform no matter the conditions.

Bigger Water Decoys was created to give the serious hunter another option since the famous Herter's decoys and other burlapped decoys have been discontinued. Our decoys would be a prefect replacement for those old beat up decoys that you currently have. If you don't want to replace them consider sending them to us and getting a new paint scheme and bringing them back to life. We specialize in over-sized, magnum, and super magnum decoys as we are geared towards those individuals looking for something move visible than what is currently on the market. This is why our decoys are a great choice for those hunting large lakes, bays and the ocean. As with our motto at Bigger Water Decoys, "Go Big, Get Seen" these decoys will get your spread seen. We have multiple guides that hunt the ocean everyday using our decoys because of their durability and visibility. Please visit our other pages to find out more of what we offer at Bigger Water Decoys.

If you don't find something you like or are interested in us carrying a product please contact us at or by phone at (814)720-1252

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