Replacement Heads
Please contact us to place an order for unpainted or painted heads:
The following is a break down of which size heads will fit what size bodies and prices.
Standard Heads: 13-15in bodies
Over-Sized Heads: 16-18in bodies
Magnum: 18-21in bodies
Super Magnum: 21-24in bodies
                          Painted: $13.75
*Prices do not include shipping.

Standard Head Species: ringneck, mallard/black, bluebill/redhead, widgeon, oldsquaw, canvasback

Over-Sized Head Species: mallard/black, canvasback, bluebill/redhead, surf/whitewing scoter, goldeneye

Magnum Head Species: surf/whitewing/common scoter, bluebill/redhead, common/king eider, canvasback 

Super Magnum Head Species: surf/whitewing/common scoter, bluebill/redhead, common eider, canvasback.





 Raw Foam Bodies


We have now decided to sell raw foam bodies, these bodies are fresh out of the mold with seams sanded down. You can either burlap or texture them yourselves or prime and paint the bodies with no coating.


Standard Sized Body: $11 per body

Over-Sized Body: $12 per body

Magnum Sized Body: $18 per body

Super Magnum Sized Body: $21 per body

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